Place Planning and Activation

In the beginning of the process we came to the quick conclusion that there was not a strong connection of business tenants and the community champions were passionate but did not have the means to facilitate their own community event.

We ensured all businesses were contacted and starting working with the tenants and residents to develop the community event together in an unused laneway. Activities included a DJ, pallet seating area, breakdancing workshops, chalk art, dining area, retro furnishings, festoon lighting, photobooth and engagement workshop. To persuade the businesses to stay open, the City granted free alfresco use of the street for the evening and we organised an art gallery opening in an old laundromat. The local butcher opened his first hugely successful barbeque and the restaurants all created unique specials for the evening.

The community laneway event was successful in bringing together community, activating an unused space, connecting businesses and educating councillors and staff on the benefits of place activation.

It was a brilliant event. On a superficial level, it was the fun activities that were embraced by all, young and old. What satisfied me most was the feedback from some of the long-term residents. They have never had an event like this in their area. So much positivity, so much happiness. Defences lowered. New friendships emerging. People were just brimming with excitement. This success can never be measured.

Long term resident and newly found community champion!

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