Public Engagement

Spaced Out has the ability to develop and facilitate the delivery of community and stakeholder engagement strategies. We have a history of successfully engaging with a diverse range of community members, through strategic planning and place activation, which is a critical component to developing a community vision for the project. Our team is committed to ensuring every effort is made to be transparent and involve the community through the planning and design phase of the structure planning process, ultimately creating the optimal engagement process.

We also see the engagement process as an opportunity to openly discuss the future place planning of public spaces. This will include teaching about the roles of community champions and government and how all parties can cohesively develop a future identity and desirable place to live.

Our team can facilitate the collaboration of landowners, stakeholders and members of the community to work together and establish new ideas, core values and an understanding of the key issues, opportunities and constraints inherent within each new project. Our consultation process can seek to assist with land assembly, transparency and educating the community, and all stakeholders to develop a common vision and plan for communities, which responds to the needs and desires for the area whilst addressing stakeholder requirements.

We are committed to ensuring every opportunity is made to involve the community in the development of the strategic plan and creating the optimal engagement project.

Public engagement strategies in Mt Hawthorne