Pop Up Activities

We love catching up and brainstorming new ideas to activate public spaces. Previous custom services we have provided include a cardboard city, car painting art workshop, sensory workshops, giant cubby house, flash mob, etc. We have an extensive team of sub-contractors whom are willing to assist with our services and create innovative new projects.

If you would like to arrange a meeting and chat further about custom services please start a project on the contact us page. Below are a few of the custom pop up projects we have created.

Human Foosball

Giant board games are trending all around the world and we are bringing the newest game to Perth, Human Foosball! The space is approx 5m wide x 10m long and has room for 12 players at any one time. We provide a referee and continually rotate people through the game creating a fun experience for people of all ages.

Portable Skate Park

Skateboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia participated by more than 40% of youth on a weekly basis. However, skate parks are not cheap to construct so we have built a wooden portable system with input from professional skateboarders and our design team at Skate Sculpture.

Our setup includes obstacles for people learning for the first time and more advanced elements for skilled users. We can also provide beginner skate clinics, skateboards, protective equipment and professional demonstrations.

Paint a Car

We deliver a used car paint white to create a blank canvas and provide a range of colourful paints for kids, youth and parents to create their own masterpiece.

All paints are non-toxic and water based so they will not leave any permanent marks. We provide one staff member to supervise the area, clean and fill paint dishes and brushes.

Cubby House

The cubby house is made from recycled materials and will include four (4) walls filled with white confetti (recycled paper) and an industrial fan creating a chaotic blizzard effect (approx 12m2). The outside walls are painted white and will act as a blank canvas for kids to paint.

The ‘Beautiful Fort’ cubby house was a feature attraction at the 2014 Beaufort Street Festival and Mayor, John Carey, commented that it was his favourite part of the festival. The popularity of the cubby house extended to younger children playing in the snow room, youth and older people using the materials to make their own rooms, artists and members of the general public painting the outside walls.

We will provide event staff to facilitate the show room, encourage kids to paint the outside walls and ensure all confetti is cleaned outside the cubby house.