Place Planning

A strategic place plan that embodies the changing relationship between government and citizen is essential to the growth of a community organisation. Our philosophy and values, as well as recent work with community groups and government dictate this new organisational change from bureaucratic regulator to a catalyser for community empowerment. We wish to contribute to our clients values by continuing to facilitate the core qualities of listening, questioning, reflecting and leading by example.

Activating community champions, disused spaces and town centres is such an important role for cultural and economic sustainability. One off events and activities are great in achieving short-term outcomes, but it is also essential to adopt a place strategy. This includes connecting community champions and harnessing community groups, creating anchors or networks of walkable spaces to improve vibrancy and education regarding best practice innovation in placemaking. Our process involves an understanding of the broad urban design, economic development, planning and cultural tools, which need to be achieved in short and long-term planning.